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The History of SafePrep'

SafePrep was conceived from a simple observation: no entity in Europe assures the quality of services offered by admission experts and prep courses. It’s no secret that admission service fees are very expensive. Nevertheless, given the intense competition in applications for top-tier business schools, these services have become a necessity for outshining fellow applicants.

One problem remains. Admission experts and prep classes often fall short of their claims. Some fail to deliver on promised services or manipulate their admission statistics, while others allow students to craft their essays without providing tailored guidance.

Every individual should feel assured when investing in premium admission services to support their applications. This is precisely why SafePrep was brought into existence.

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A Special Quote from our Founder

“On a very personal note, during my time as a student, I reached out the services of “admission experts” to oversee the crafting of my essays and get preparation for my GMAT. Regrettably, I fell victim to a scam. The essay services provided were not as described, the GMAT instructors lacked proper qualifications, and the promised interview preparation never materialized. I found myself having to navigate everything on my own, resulting in a significant financial loss during my student days. This unfortunate experience played a pivotal role in motivating me to establish SafePrep’.

After studying at institutions like University College London (UCL), Sciences Po Paris, and London Business School (LBS), I aspired to create something meaningful to me and of real value in the field of academic applications


SafePrep’ emerged from this drive. Serving as the unique third-party entity in Europe that evaluates preparatory courses and the services of admission experts, we’re here to ensure that you don’t overpay in your pursuit of getting admitted to your dream school. 


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